Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us. This Privacy statements states how and why we use those personal data which we collects from you. This Privacy policy is a part to our terms of service and applies to the information that is collected during the connection with the installation and use of the application, related service and our site. For any question or regards about this Privacy Policy please contact us at .

Information which we collect

For your service only we collects your personal information as per we need. Only for provide and the improvement the App services we are committed to collecting the necessary information.

Personal Information

We do not collect Personal Information. Personal Information is information that identifies you or another person, such as your first name and last name, physical addresses, email addresses, telephone, fax, SSN, information stored within your device.

Private Information

We never collected the actual Personal Information. A personal information is those information that identifies you or any another person, such as the information which states about your First Name, Last Name, Physical Addresses, Telephone, Fax, SSN, and other information stored within your device.

How To Contact Us

for any sort of your question or comments related about this policy or our privacy practices, please contact us as by

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

Please review this policy periodically as we will post any privacy policy changes on this page. For any modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances we will surely provide you additional forms of notice mentioning that. You can immediately stop all the services as you do not agree to any modifications to this policy.

Limited Liability

You accept that; Appnextg Apps do not have any sort of liability what so ever for anything that may arise from the use of our apps.

Support For Free Version

We always try to fix the Application issue but as some of the our apps depends on phone hardware So we might We might not be able to solve the issue is related to phone Hardware OR if you upgrade to a new Android Phone OR You Change your phone to different one,In this case you change your device your old phone application will be not be able to transfer old Phone Data/Settings to your new Phone automatically you can try with share feature of the app manually.


In order to identify apps that require updates, the software update feature retrieves the package names of all the apps on the user's device and stores them on our servers. We use only encrypted and secure methods for storing this data. These data are not shared with any third parties under any circumstances. Because of changing Google Policies, we will prompt our users to accept this inside the app and The software update feature will only be available to them once they accept.


User Data Policy for the Software Update Feature
To identify apps with pending updates, the software update feature fetches the package names of all apps on the users device and puts them on our servers. This data is completely encrypted and secure. We do not share this data with any third-party in no shape or form. Due to changing Google Policies, we will prompt our users to accept this inside the app. They will be able to use the software update feature only after they accept.

Auto Call Record


Accessibility Services

EULA Agreement

Once you install our apps, you are bound by the terms & guidelines set by the End-User License Agreement (EULA). As a responsible user, you must read & agree to the terms set by EULA. Any violation will result in a legal suit against you by Appnextg Apps.

Please read about our EULA Agreement here

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